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The USA system for excellence in Harwood floors, it’s more resistant than the old polyurethane finishes, giving to the wood those natural and warm aspect that highlight the properties and quality of the wood.


  • Great resistance to abrasion.
  • More natural, it looks like a waxing Wood floor. Highlighting the streak and the grain.
  • Don’t modify the colour of the wood and don’t get darker as well.
  • Non toxic, doesn’t smell.
  • Fast dry (3 hours from the last application).
  • You can renew it without a new sanding.


Our Sanding doesn’t make any dust. All the machinery employed during the process are from ultimate generation and works with absorption system “ no dust” . Notice that ARQUISOLADO is the only firm in the market that give you the guarantee “ 0 dust “.

In ARQUISOLADO, we work with NWFA norms (National Wood flooring Association), to which we belong, giving you an extra guarantee on the highest quality of service.



The Water bone we use it’s a urethane solved in water that is activated with a catalyser just before the application. This product is designed specially for hard and very high transit. Making a graphic comparison with an acrylic plate with an rubber plate, obviously the acrylic is hard, but if we take both an put them into high walking transit, we will appreciate that the acrylic one will be seriously damaged, thought the rubber one will be in better way, with better aspect, and properties for many long time. It happens because the polyurethanes are rigid thought the urethanes have elastic properties and nonslip as the rubber. The Water Bone satin gives to the wood a worm and natural aspect, has a UV filter so as not to let it be yellow sly.