A company founded by architects with the last technologies in floor protection.

Who are we?

The company is founded by Architects and as professionals we have the necessary knowledge and such a criteria range, that we are in conditions to afford a complete and exactly advice, according to the necessity of each customer.

Our staff is very high qualified in order to make the most complicated and demanding works, and be able to satisfy the most high standard of quality of our customers, who are, in the great majority, Architects and interior designers.

ARQUISOLADO SRL is member, since 2008, of the NWFA (National Wood Flooring Association) which let and force us to work with the highest standard of quality and let us to be updated with the latest technologies in installation and restoration.

All this make us to enjoy high prestige and leadership that we really have in the market.

All our machinery is a result of a complex study of the possibilities we have in the worldwide market, and according to this, we adopted those that let us fulfil two fundamental aspects:

1 – Obtain a perfect standard of sanding, without marks and defects, so as to let us to finish the surface with the quality the waterborne finish needs.

2 – Be the ONLY Company in the market in guarantee a floor sanding free of dust, or in another way, with dust level “0”.

All the products we use, according to the possibilities we can find in the worldwide market, are periodically tested, adopting the one witch gave us the best technical characteristics and the highest abrasion resistance.

"There is nothing in the world than anyone could do worst in order to sell it cheaper, and the people that only looks for price constitutes the group of his natural victims"
JOHN RUSKIN (1819-1900)